KBJ Consultancy specializes in providing consultative services in international digital marketing, communication and sales for the hospitality, tourism and education sectors.

With over 15 years’ experience across 12 countries, we are skilled at partnering with you to help improve, develop and implement marketing and sale strategies for the wider service industries.

Our difference

KBJ Consultancy Limited was founded in Amsterdam by Kate Buchanan-Jack MA in 2013. We are now based out of Edinburgh, UK but work with clients all over the globe. We specialize in providing a consultative service in strategic international marketing and communications for the hospitality, tourism and education sectors. To achieve this, we combine years of experience with a collaborative, hands-on approach. We strive to help clients improve and better integrate their existing marketing and communications, helping them take a fresh look at their marketing approach and overcome fears relating to emerging trends and the speed of change in the digital world. We recognise the importance of setting clear objectives and using metrics to measure the success of campaign efforts and help implement this. We do this by leveraging the full remit of digital marketing strategies and finding the best solution for our customers.

Our aim

We are a small consultancy with a reputation for hard work and excellent results. Aiding clients in enhancing and improving their current student recruitment performance is what we do best. We are connected to a network of partners that can provide support for larger consulting needs across a range of digital tools for full project delivery.

Our values

Our values represent our ethical code, created by us for us. This means our values are true to who we are and accentuate our identity, culture, mission and vision and our passion and enthusiasm to work with like-minded people and partners.

K we keep on top of new trends and developments and ensure our customers can do the same

B – we build relationships, through our networking, partnerships and clients; it’s in our DNA.

J – we won’t confuse you with marketing jargon but instead will help you cut through the noise and find solutions that really work.

C – we are commercial, we know the importance of measuring return on investment and helping ensure you do the same so that all marketing spend is money well spent.