Client: African Conservation Experience

Date: 2015-2017

The Brief

African Conservation Experience were early pioneers in individual wildlife volunteering. Today, they provide flexible, tailor-made trips for wildlife, conservation and animal enthusiasts, catering for both students and professionals. ACE strives to create life-changing experiences for its travellers and chooses partners focused on high value projects and ensures that they enable local communities to maintain sustainable economies. However, in recent years, the significant growth of ACE’s business combined with organizational change and increased competition in the market has lead to a demand for a new way of working. ACE needed some extra help to redefine their positioning and set a new direction for the organisation to ensure they maintained their position in the market. Finally, with increased investment planned, they also needed to understand how to make all of the marketing spend tied to KPIs and clear objectives.

The Strategy

We helped ACE create a new direction and strategy; we partnered with them to act as a sounding board and help them refine their processes and systems and introduce new ones. This ensured the smooth running of operations and the team’s ability to monitor effectively. We worked with the team to create clarity and ownership and drive accountability within the whole team at ACE. We confirmed a new focus on digital marketing as a way to develop sustainable growth for the future. We helped them select the right digital agency as a partner and worked to put in place new metrics. This allowed them to better understand how and why performance evaluation and measurement is essential and how it would help them run their business. We established KPI and measurement frameworks across the full marketing funnel, reporting templates and provided insight through qualitative and quantitative analysis.

The Results

ACE is continuing to grow and as a result of the new direction and focus on digital, ACE has already increased their year over year applications by 22% and their newsletter subscriptions, early booking numbers also indicate continued growth.