Client - Sophie Kuijper, Hotelschool the Hague


The Brief

Sophie had been working as a member of the recruitment department of Hotelschool the Hague since early 2013 and was looking for a mentor to act as a sounding board and inspire her to think from a fresh perspective. She was frustrated with the lack of clarity over her next career move and she thought someone with years of experience in the industry would help her further develop her career and benefit from the access to a new network. Sophie was open to learning and having a sounding board from someone else in order to grow more professionally and explore options that would make sure she was getting the most out of her career and learning development. She was also facing some challenging discussions with her line manager and wanted to have an external viewpoint for a different perspective.

The Strategy

Kate and Sophie began working together on a monthly basis starting with mapping out what Sophie wanted the future to look like and then thinking about the ‘how’ to make it happen. They used these sessions and different models to address obstacles in her current role, explore professional development opportunities and brainstorm about way to improve her management skills and recruitment performance. There was also moments of reflection where Sophie would come back to think about what had happened in certain scenarios and where she could herself have changed her own approach in order to get a different outcome.

The Results

Sophie began to change her approach in the way she handled challenging situations and adopted a more helicopter view towards work. She developed more confidence and was able to help others in her team more as a result of this. She began to work more directly with senior managers and in 2015 was promoted to Manager of the Recruitment Department. She continues to lead the internationalization of Hotel School the Hague with New Student Recruitment growing 12% in 2016.