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Globeducate UK, France Spain, Portugal and Italy

Specialism | Strategic Brand Development


To maintain its competitive position in the international schools market, Globeducate needed to reaffirm its value proposition and build a purposeful, unified and future-proof brand for four flagship schools in Iberia.


The key challenge was to create a simplified, compelling narrative reflecting each school’s heritage, plus the new, shared aspirational British brand values and academic quality.

We conducted extensive primary and secondary research into the communications strategy and learning environments. We also undertook key competitor research, developing clear personas to inform strategic recommendations on the future of shared British brand identity. We appointed an external brand agency partner to develop the visual identity. In conjunction with the Academic Lead and all key stakeholders, we built a unified story, and distinct, compelling future-proof positioning for the group. We developed the brand activation plan and managed various internal and external stakeholders during organisational change throughout the project.


Initial temperature checks after launch were positive, with all stakeholders across the schools able to see the value in the new direction. This led to increased clarity and collaboration across the schools. A platform for further growth was also established and four additional schools have since joined the group.

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