My Story

About Kate

I am a multilingual senior consultant and lecturer with two decades of leadership experience. 


Learning, sharing and teaching are in my DNA. Initially a teacher of English and French, I quickly moved into digital marketing operations and sales. I found my niche in blending digital communications with the power of human connection. 

Combining Talent With Technology 

I've worked across Europe, The Americas and Asia Pacific in senior leadership roles. I've built, coached and managed large, multi-disciplinary teams. Delivered digital transformation projects. Proudly, I led the 2010 launch of the first 100% online global MBA for Glion Institute of Higher Education. In 2012, I became VP of International Marketing, responsible for the international programs at Laureate Online Education and launching a new digital partnership with the University of Roehampton, London.

KBJ Consultancy Launch

After working worldwide for c. 10 years with Laureate, I set up KBJ Consultancy in 2013 and reconnected with my role as a lecturer. I continued to partner with large international education clients such as Shorelight, Inspired and Globeducate to help revamp their digital marketing strategies, upskill their teams and foster environments for digital transformation. I love combining strategy, execution, creativity and commercialism to achieve success.

Enjoying Work Polygamy

Today, I choose work that allows me - and the mission-driven individuals and businesses I work with - to grow. This means running the consultancy, lecturing, and being part of The Virtual Collective, a cohort of senior female professionals who love working together to help brands succeed. 


What would I bring to your business? Deep digital marketing knowledge. Energy. Collaboration. Compassion. Dedication to the growth of you, your team and your business.


Kate has the rare ability to make the complex, simple, and to turn vision into action. Her deep strategic insight and technical knowledge, combined with her ability to develop and grow agile teams, made her an invaluable partner to me during my time as Group Marketing Director of Inspired Education Group. Kate's energy cannot be matched and energizes all those who work with her. Her digital performance marketing expertise, combined with her continuous focus on driving results for clients, makes her a partner any business would be fortunate to work with. I sincerely hope that I will be able to work with Kate again in future.

Leanne Emery

Chief Client & Marketing Officer, Youth Employment Service (YES)