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Strategic International Marketing

Education  |  EdTech  |  Hospitality  |  Tourism

Growth is one of my core values and I’d love for us to flourish together! I focus on creating meaningful connections and environments in which both individuals and organisations can thrive.

Education  |  EdTech  |  Hospitality  |  Tourism

I’m a strategic international marketing consultant and lecturer who complements ambitious teams with digital marketing expertise. Using a combination of data, research and human brilliance, I help organisations identify challenges, upskill teams and improve results.

Research &
Digital Audit

We will dive into your data and operating environment to reveal actionable insights for growth.

Strategy &

Let us pinpoint the best metrics for your business and devise a winning strategy for your team.

Training &

We’ll identify opportunities to develop your people and organise the business. 


We support universities via lecturing, plus curriculum and course design.

Implementation & Operation

Let’s execute your improved marketing strategy together and achieve outstanding results as a team!


Kate Buchanan-Jack MA, MCIM

Director and Founder, KBJ Consultancy Limited

If you think we’d be a good fit and you’d like to explore working together, let’s chat!



Read more about how we have supported clients to upskill and realise their digital transformation.


Kate is a seasoned marketing and management consultant in the education space with extensive international experience. I engaged with Kate on re-constructing a complex international marketing organisation and building an agile, digital marketing powerhouse with decentralized competencies in the region, and certain centralized competencies in HQ to maximize throughput. She is a results-oriented strategic operator and can hit the ground running on any initiative. Another great quality of Kate is her ability to marshal support from her colleagues very quickly due to her superior expertise and communication on how to accomplish the end-vision. Overall, Kate is highly recommended!

Patriek K

Chief Marketing Officer, Global CMO


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