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Inspired Education, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, UK, Belgium

Specialism | Digital Marketing Fundamentals


Inspired Education began expanding its K12 school network at an impressive rate and needed external expertise to help develop a simplified digital marketing strategy, upskill its marketing and admissions teams and drive enrollment growth at the schools.


We created a low-cost digital marketing strategy that could be centralised and adapted for cost-effective growth across all schools in Europe. We appointed a new digital agency partner to support across Europe. Later, we created a series of internal trainings to help upskill teams and develop knowledge retention across the organisation. We also laid the foundations for digital transformation by recommending centralised website platforms, CRM needs and external channel focus.


Drove overall 64% enrolment growth from digital sources across 16 schools in Europe without increasing media spend (driven by full funnel KPI improvements at each stage of the customer journey).

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